Classroom Toolkits


The Best Chrome Apps and Extensions for your Classroom

There are more than 100 of these apps and they are all great.  It will make your life easier and make the kids happier


50 Educators You Should Follow on Pinterest

These educators will give you great ideas for the classroom on a regular basis.  It is worth following them!


16 Great Things to Try in 2017

Great ideas for teachers to try in their classrooms in 2017


35 Awesome Apps that Integrate with Google Classroom

Check out this amazing list that is free and easy to access


Learning a Language

Here is a website that connects learners with tutors in many languages.  Pick your language and sign up for a tutor who will work with you via SKYPE. Prices are very reasonable and you can make a lot of progress in a short time to Help Students Study

This is a way for students to study. The cards are very helpful


The Story Of Building & Rebuilding The White House

Innovative lessons tied to the real world...Kids will love them


Theater Class: Emergency Lesson Plan Activities

Great lesson plans using theatre in the classroom or in the home schooling environment.   It also works after school and on weekends for parents


The Teacher’s Guide to Substance Abuse Prevention

A key element in addiction prevention is youth intervention. Research has shown that substance abuse can start as soon as age 12, and early abuse often leads to greater drug involvement.



A guide  which focuses on children’s safety online. We often forget kids are an easy target, and most of the time parents aren’t aware of what’s going on.


Earth and Space Science Units and Lessons for Grades 7-9

Great science units from NASA on life science, physical science, earth and space science, and even engineering


What’s Cooking?: A Culinary Curriculum for Cultivating Foodie Kids

Cultivating culinary kids is a great way to help them build healthy habits early on. When children know how to make healthy food choices and can prepare well-balanced meals on their own, they'll be far less reliant on unhealthy, quick and easy options like fast food and pre-packaged foods.


The Educator’s Guide to Real Estate Lesson Plans

Teach important skills in STEM and more using real world real estate projects that all students can enjoy doing


Banking Lesson Plan for ESL and EFL Students

A reich resource for ESL teachers on a variety of subjects


Create Digital Lessons in 5 Minutes

Great resource for teachers provided by TES


Links to Google Resources for 2015

Extensive list of Google Resources for teachers.


10 Great Google Tips 2015

The promise that Google+ as a social networking site has offered is indeed incredible. You will see how brilliantly it creates a student-teacher relationship and manages to keep the two engaged. A teacher can successfully implement Google+ and build up engagement while teaching their kids. Social networking has indeed revamped the way education technology behaves in modern times.


Top Education Blogs for 2014

Great list of top blogs


!00 Ways to Use Google Drive in the Classroom

Great list for teachers and administrators


Professional Development Tools From EdSurge

Great list of tools for teachers.


Spreadsheet of Ideas for Using Google Hangouts

Excellent ideas from a variety of sources on using Google Hangouts in the classroom


8 Ways Teachers Can Use Google Hangouts

Excellent article in The Journal about Google Hangouts


Best News Source for Teachers

Sign up for EdSurge to get all the latest news for educators, administrators, and parents.


Google Summit Napa Valley 2014

Google Summits are held all over the world.  The speakers are amazing teachers who have developed excellent resources that can be used by all teachers. Check out the website for even more resources.


55 Best Free Education Apps for iPad 2013

Here is a great list that came out in December 2013.  Very useful for teachers and students


Building Books on the iPad

15 Literacy Apps to crate books on the iPad.  Great resource for teachers and students


List of great TED Talks, Books, Bloggers

Here is a comprenhsive group of some of the best TED videos, best books of 2013, and best education bloggers.


LucidChart--Making Charts Easily

Lucidchart provides collaborative online diagramming to make it easy to draw flowcharts, org charts, wireframes, UML, mind maps and more. It works on Google Apps.


Blended Learning Resources

Blended learning is a formal education program in which a student learns at least in part through online delivery of content and instruction with some element of student control over time, place, path or pace.[1] While still attending a “brick-and-mortar” school structure, face-to-face classroom methods are combined withcomputer-mediated activities.[2] Proponents of blending learning cite the opportunity for data collection and customization of instruction and assessment as two major benefits of this approach.[3] Schools with blended learning models may also choose to reallocate resources to boost student achievement outcomes.[4]

Rocketship Education, based in San Jose, Calif., was the first charter school network to open schools using a school-wide blended learning model. Since then, other schools such as Nexus Academy [5] and Clayton Christensen Institute [6] have continued to innovate on applications of blended learning in their schools.


EdSurge Summit 2013 Tools for the Classroom

These thirty companies represent the latest in educational technology available for the classsrom. They were all selected for the ed tech summit held at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA


EdSurge EdTech Index

Extremely useful for teachers


OnLine Doctorate Degree from the UK

For those of you interested in pursuing a Ph.D. here is a doctorate degree you can investigate.  It is not free, but no degree is free.


Top Education Websites 2013

Excellent and comprehensive list of top websites for teachers current as of June 2013.  


Creating a MOOC

This is a guide to creating a MOOC for anyone interested but particularly targeting academics


How to get an M.A. in Education online

Check out the resources on this site


20 Google Docs Secrets for Busy Teachers

Some very helpful resources in this group.


Creative Commons Course for K-12 Educators

This is a FREE course and designed especially for the K12 educator.  Please sign up by March 17, 2013.


Most Popular Teacher Tools of 2012

This is a great list coming from EdShelf, an excellent resource for teachers.


Best Tweets on Education

Here are more than 300 Twitter feeds on education for all levels of educators


New List of Great Tools for Educators

Great list just updated on October 15, 2012


Top 25 Education Technology Sites

Great list of education sites. This is all you really need!


Top 27 Free Tools to Collaborate

With the advance of web 2.0 technologies, there emerged a wide range of educational tools that we can use with our students in and outside the classroom.Collaborative web tools is one example. Using such websites, teachers  will be able to help in holding  online and real-time discussions with their  students, help them in their projects and assignments, guide their learning, do backchanneling, and synchronously moderate discussion threads and many more.


Teaching and Learning About Journalism

Great resources from the New York Times that all teachers can use


Engage 2012--Excellent Video Project for Students

Excellent resources and great competition for students to get them involved in the Presidential election.  Have your students use their cell phone cameras to enter and make their voices heard.


List of Best Tech Tools for Teachers

This is a list of the 13 top tools for teachers.  Each list has even more information.  Great resource!


How to Teach Search

Search is one of the most important skills that students can have. If they know how to search, they are empowered to find whatever they need.


Cyberbulling Toolkit for Teachers

This toolkit is from Common Sense Media.  You will need to register to get it.


Deliberative Democracy in the Classroom

Great tools for the English or social studies classroom showing kids the power of democracy.  It will help them get connected to the Presidential election


The Best 15 Twitter Hashtags for Teachers

Another useful resource for teachers. Wow, so many resources, so little time.


Best Free Digital Storytelling Links for Teachers

This is a great list for teachers and for parents especially elementary parents.  Everyone likes a story


101 Open Education Resources

This is a great presentation that teachers can use in class or share with their colleagues. 


Hundreds of Lesson Plans from Digital Wish

These are great lesson journalism plans developed for all grades K to 12 in most subject areas. 


Best 36 Social Networks for Educators

Some  of the principal benefits of these networks is that they help you grow professionally and expand your knowledge base to include new ideas and concepts.


8 Free Tools For Teachers To Make Awesome Graphics

Information graphics which are the visual representation of data known as infogographics are making rounds online these days. It seems like web users are favoring this form of content format over other forms. Their  visually attractive display, the bright and shiny colors they  include are what make out of them an appealing means of communication.


Teachers Guide to Managing Social Media

It is a fact universally acknowledged that Internet has  radically changed the way we perceived of the world. Reality has been supplanted by virtual reality and geographical borders have dissolved to give birth to a highly inter-wired world where the information travels both poles in a matter of a click. This drastic change brought about by Internet has touched upon every facet of our life and most important of all on education.


California Learning Resource Network


Using Google + in the Classrom

Some good tips


Detecting Bull

John McManus has written this book about techniques and strategies for detecting fraudulent websites and information on the web. A good read, for teachers and students alike. At the site you can sample the book, but a download or print version requires payment.


Lessons from Newseum

The Newseum, a fabulous museum in Washington, DC dedicated to journalism and the history of news, offers videos and lesson plans for your classroom. The site is now in its beta form, with a public launch coming soon.


Lessons from the Journalism Education Association

The JEA provides lesson plans submitted by its members, vetted by journalists and teachers, and ready to use in your English or Journalism classes.


Open Educational Resources

Open educational resources (OER) are learning materials created by reputable organizations that are freely available for use, remixing and redistribution. For more information, click here

A Lesson Plan to introduce OER's to your classroom List of top OER websites
Even more OER websites
Cape Town Open Education Declaration


Interactive Web Literacy Tutorial

 If you are going to use the web for research, don't be duped by what you find out there. Learn five criteria for evalution information on the web.



The goal of DOGO News is to provide a fun, safe and interactive environment for children to read and learn about real world news. Our news articles, are short, simple and include photos/videos in order to keep children focused and interested. We also augment our content with an integrated dictionary for challenging words and maps for geographical context.


School Newspapers Online can help schools create simple, inexpensive digital publications.


Teen Tribune

Each day TeenTribune posts the most compelling, relevant and interesting news for teens and tweens. Stories are selected by teens and tweens working closely with professional journalists. Teens and tweens can comment upon these stories. They can also submit their own stories and photos.


Extensive List of Free Tools

A long list of free tools that can help you with technology implementation in the classroom.


Google Docs PowerPoint Presentation

You can use this presentation in your classes


Using Google Docs in the Classroom

Video Tutorials on How to Use Google Docs in the Classroom


45 Design thinking resources for educators

Websites on How to Teach Students Design Thinking 


journalistic learning Initiative

Journalistic Learning students create with confidence, communicate with conviction, and take ownership of their learning.


Newseum ed

Free learning tools on media literacy and our First Amendment freedoms.