Moonshots Education is expanding to be the resource for everything project based learning.



Esther aims to house all the best project based learning curriculum to streamline the rollout of this innovative and proven shift in education. You'll soon be able to explore all types of curriculum. Learn from the best, and begin participating in this education revolution. 


We truly believe that every child has the right to being taught in a classroom that embodies trust, respect, independence, collaboration and kindess= T.R.I.C.K


Moonshots Edu is working in conjunction with the EdTech team to provide a professional personal development platform that empowers educators with Google tools to help students to learn in a dynamic, collaborative environment filled with mutual trust and respect. The Moonshots Edu platform consists of: i) onsite training and support, ii) products and mobile apps that provide continued tools to track progress, and iii) strong community for teachers and students

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It takes a village to raise a student. It will take the world a "moonshot" to bring this blended learning model to classrooms around the globe. It is a fundamental change in the way people see learning.  The new model support by tech shows that project based learning is more effective and engaging.

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